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 False    accusations   in   Spain



When it comes to family court cases, the male part in most cases has no rights before the Spanish courts. In many cases the man leaves the courtroom as the losing party. 

The 34-minutes video programme presents some of those persons who lately have ended up in a chaotic situation in the Spanish court system. It is based on talks maintained with these victims and linked with a summary of the statistics available and a written histology.

The courts do not punish false accusations presented by a woman although it is punished by the article 456 of the Penal Code; on the contrary, the courts accept false accusations from the Spanish women. Against the judge the man is considered guilty until he has proven the opposite and the result is often a tale of tragedy and mayhem.


In year 2008 :  142.125 accusations against men 

The Spanish government observatory of Gender Violence shows in their report that there have been 142.125 accusations against men only in the year 2008, - and 12,7% of the accusations ended up with a conviction.The Judge, Francisco Serrano, from the Family Court in Seville, declares that only 9,7% ended up with a conviction.  

Out of 142.125 accusations - approximately 126.491 men were NOT guilty

The "invitation"

The campaign against gender violence shows the masculine part as the only aggressor. The campaign offers several facilities to women and the result of this are often growing feelings of hate against men and a run to the police station which is where a woman has to present her accusations in the first place.   

 012 woman.  Call us the first time! 


"If you are a victim of abuse, we are at your disposal at 012, the
 telephone helpline for women" 
"We encourage you to take the first step to start your life all over 


Employment check (female)

"Your job is our job"

In airports, train stations, television, e.g.

The Spanish Ministry of Equality takes many commercial steps to demonstrate that the father is bad and the mother is the good part.
A clear message for all  - even for the children.

The "victims"

The Spanish courts do not punish the false accusations presented by women. The judicial practice of the courts constitutes the basis of destruction of the family relations and the children, in particular, turn out to become the big losers.
Interviews with people in the streets in Spain reflect the insecurity and powerlessness.

Trailer:  Short  summary  of  the  video " False accusations  in  Spain"

The "protest"

More than 35 associations in Spain  are fighting against discrimination on the Grounds of Gender. Against  false accusations, against P.A.S. (Parental Alienation Syndrome), for shared custody, for grandparents right to see their grandchildren, etc.  Many judges and lawyers are opposed to the unbalanced situation.
The 34 minute video program includes interviews with leading figures who has been very outspoken of the integral Gender Violence Law, of the negative aspects of the Law and it´s consequences.

Mrs. Maria Sanahuja

Provincial Court judge in Barcelona and a member of the Association of Judges for Democracy in Spain   In her articles she describes, among other things, the high intensity of conflicts in family cases, e.g.

"the massive retention of men for almost no reason"
  "that the law represents an abominable violation of the
   constitutional rights in Spain"
  "that a positive discrimination violates the rights to equality, liberty
   and legal protection"
  "that the unfair sentence generates an enormous unrest, a self
   destructive spiral where the victim loses control of his or her acts,
   increases the violence against other people and becomes suicidal"

Mrs. Guadalupe De la Fuente

"we have founded this Association whose objective is to fight for the recognition of our legal right to see our grandchildren"
Tlf.: +34 608 314 435

"We believe that we should unite in order not to lose heart facing
   this injustice and the lack of support that we fail to get from the
   judicial system today" 

  "We want to include all grandparents, whether or not they are 
   confronted with the serious problems that we have, because if we
   want to help our sons and daughters and our grandchildren, we
   must start by claiming our rights to be at their side through such
   difficult times.
The politicians must listen to us"

Mr. Francisco Zugasti  

President of the Association PROJUSTICIA
in Madrid
Offers a wide range of help for the many people who dealt with erros in the Spanish courts

Tlf.: +34 620 100 000 -

"We have suffered a looting of our heritage, performed by a justice
   who always honors one party for one reason; to be a woman"

  "We lead on to men who have suffered false accusations. On many
   occasions without being married or even without knowing the 
   accuser. To those who have suffered unfair judicial processes in
   which they have been prevented even with the chance to defend 

PROJUSTICIA - September 2010

Ante las dudas de algunos por la cifra de 350 denuncias falsas de maltrato al día que cita el reportaje danés

"False accusations in Spain", hemos de recordar que son datos oficiales.

Antes de nada hemos de insistir en que los datos oficiales están manipulados. Veamos algún ejemplo:

Montserrat Comas dice que no hay maltratados y menos asesinados por sus parejas. Pero en los

propios informes del Observatorio que preside, se dice que al menos el 30% de los maltratados son


Inmaculada Montalbán y otras de su calaña dicen que no hay denuncias falsas de maltrato cuando

basta pasar por un juzgado o echar un vistazo a la prensa para constatar lo contrario.

La macroencuesta del Instituto de la mujer realizada de forma acientífica y con resultados

preestablecidos, arroja una cifra de dos millones de maltratadas aunque ellas no sepan que lo son.

El Instituto nacional de estadística manipula los datos del suicidio en España. Seguramente

manipularán otros datos.

El Centro Reina Sofía sesga sus fuentes y manipula los datos sobre maltrato infantil.


A la presidenta del Observatorio de violencia de género del Consejo General del Poder Judicial se le pide

compartir datos y experiencia:

"Nos dirigimos a Ud. para solicitarle una entrevista con objeto de tratar la problemática tanto de

los divorcios como la de la Ley de violencia de género y las lamentables consecuencias que están

trayendo ambas leyes inconstitucionales, a nuestro entender, el del CGPJ y el del Consejo de


Montserrat Comas no contestó siquiera a la carta a pesar de estar obligada por ley. Su sucesora, Inmaculada

Montalbán constestó que el Observatorio de violencia de género no es el foro adecuado.

"Quiero indicarle que no corresponde a los/as Vocales del CGPJ mantener este tipo de

entrevistas, cuyo contenido parece corresponder a otros foros de debate."

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